Saturday, 16 April 2011

A help to Teleportation

Scientists from Australia and Japan have made a massive breakthrough in transporting items.The project which was led by Noriyuki Lee could lead to a redevelop in the telecommunications industry.Noriyuki managed to do this with his team by destroying wave packets and then recreating them in anouther place.This is a fabulous proccess that could meen that we can transfer data a lot faster than we are at the moment.Unfortuanally though we will not be able to teleport human beings or any bacteria as that would be far too hard to do at this current stage.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Gaddafi "using cluster bombs"

Today the loyal forces of Muammar Gaddafi have shot cluster bombs directly into the residential parts of Misrata in Libya.Reports have shown that 4 cluster bombs have hit the city since Thursday the 14th of april.Cluster Bombs which are banned in most countries will explode in mid air shooting out lots of high explosives.About 100 Government rockets were also fired on friday sadly killing 8 people.Rebels also said that they had reached the City centre.

Andy Murray or Raphael Nadal?-Monte Carlo Masters

Andy Murray will now play six time winner of the Monte Carlo Masters Raphael Nadal.After the british number one stormed to his third win of the week against rank 83 in the world Frederico Gil.Confident that he was going to win despite the wind Murray had Gil all over the court chasing the ball.Murray also proven that he does better on the new clay courts.Although Murray has all the statistics against him he is still confident that he can beat Rafael Nadal in the Monte carlo Masters Semi final.

Royal Wedding:More Information

Today Prince William (Grandson of Queen Elizabeth II) and Kate Middleton have released further details on there marriage in London on the 29th of April 2011.Kate Middleton and all of her close family will be staying in the Goring hotel the night after the wedding in central london.The family made this decision as the Goring Hotel is the only 5 star rated hotel in London that is owned and built by the family that built it.Even over 100 years on.Mr Goring owner of the Goring hotel said that the Hotel was most famous for its superb cooked British food.